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Historical and Forward Implied Yields

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Developing Leadership by Allowing Risk


Price Differentiation for Enhancing Revenue and Profitability in Community Banking
Zafin - Journal of Product and Pricing Lifecycle Management - Summer 2014
Banks have the opportunity in the information age to provide value to customers like never before.


The Four Pricing Levers
Stanley Retail Deposit System
June 2014
You have four pricing controls for your CD portfolio.  Learn how and when to adjust them all for maximum performance.


Iowa Bank Launches New CD Product
Northwestern Financial Review
January 29, 2014
Treynor State Bank, Treynor, Iowa, and Bank Performance Strategies, Omaha, Neb., have launched a new certificate of deposit product geared toward investor-type clients.


Beyond the Static Rate Sheet
BAI Banking Strategies
November 19, 2013
As interest rates begin to rise, bankers trying to sell retail time deposits will face competitors deploying an array of new terms and options.


CDtwo News
Omaha World Herald
October 23, 2013
Story about patenting the CD that rewards owners for cashing high-yield CDs early.

Retail Deposit Optimization and Strategic Management
Marcus Evans
Developing Winning Strategies for Pricing, Funding and Optimizing Retail Deposits in the Current Environment- New York, NY - December 5-6, 2013

Session Title: Aggressive Strategies Expected in Long-term Core Deposits

Market Value Time Deposit Press Release
Bank Performance Strategies
August 13, 2013
A New U.S. Patented Banking Product Designed to Produce Value for Depositors and Financial Institutions...Bank Performance Strategies and TS Bank jointly announced today the issuance of a U.S. patent to unleash to depositors the full investment value of longer-term financial institution deposits. U.S. Patent No. 8,510,216 is designed to provide investment opportunities to bank and credit union depositors equivalent to that of bonds.

From Commoditized to Customized Deposits - Expanded
Bank Performance Strategies
August 12, 2013
Attached is a two-page narrative about the development of more effective ways to sell properly-priced term deposits. I categorized the individual components based on…
• Defensive or offensive posture
• Individual or portfolio view
• Relevance to rate change scenario

New Visions of Banking's Future
American Banker
Slide 8 of 18 shows that market value time deposits was selected as part of future of banking


From Commoditized to Customized Deposits
BAI Banking Strategies
January 25, 2013
As baby boomers retire, they are likely to avoid the traditional time deposit in favor of customized solutions that address their needs more directly.

Video Promotion of SRDS
50 second Promotional Video Presentation of Stanley Retail Deposit System

Video Introduction of SRDS
2 minute Stanley Retail Deposit System Introduction

Video Demonstration of SRDS
7 minute Video Demonstration of Stanley Retail Deposit System


Video - Offering Real Hope in a Field of Despair
September 2012
3 minute video presentation offering real hope in a field of despair.


Iowa bank offers CD that pays rewards for early cash-outs
USA Today
December 9, 2011
A community bank in western Iowa has introduced a new type of certificate of deposit that sometimes rewards early withdrawal, and only penalizes them if interest rates rise.


Overlooked Opportunities in Time Deposits
BAI Banking Strategies
December 5, 2011
While bankers may be tempted to downplay CD funding in today’s low-rate environment, the need to fund term loans profitably requires renewed attention to this essential product.

Time Deposits - Your Institutions 'Unconventional.' Conventional Opportunity
Financial Managers Society
FMS Whitepaper

Time Deposits: Profitable or Not?
BAI Banking Strategies
January 11, 2012
A consistent measurement methodology helps bankers manage the profitability of their CD funding.

Time Deposit Performance Analytics Sample
Bank Performance Strategies
Sample set of reports for analyzing recent new and renewed time deposit accounts.

Maximizing Performance of Time Deposit Promotions
Financial Managers Society
Understanding the science and art of when and how to promote time deposits is key to creating positive results for volume and spread simultaneously. Promotional CD special offerings must be timed and defined for optimal results. The process of timing and defining specials contributes to securing the largest positive volume impact while keeping cost of funds at the lowest possible levels for the...more

The Case for Market Value Time Deposits
Financial Managers Society
A whitepaper on a new banking product banks can use to unleash fresh value for the time deposit investor while better managing risk.

SRDS Brochure
Brochure Describing Stanley Retail Deposit System

SRDS Clients
Stanley Retail Deposit System Client References

Recorded 15-Minute Sample Sales Presentation
Eric Nelson / KPN Consulting
February 13, 2013
Want to learn about the opportunities to make more money? But you would like to check it out at your own pace? Check out this recorded Stanley Retail Deposit System sales presentation for a bank with $427 million of time deposits.

Sample Sales Presentation
Neil Stanley
December 8, 2012
Presentation of Stanley Retail Deposit System opportunity


Option Adjusted Estimated Cost Calculator - Patent Protected
Neil Stanley
Calculate the estimated total cost of a CD and the depositor's expected total value including the value of the trade-up option

Our Commitment to  You
Neil Stanley
December 31, 2012
For use at the retail banker desk.

The Relationship Pricing Trap
BAI Banking Strategies
March 14, 2012
Customer profitability analytics are useful for bankers, but misfires can occur when relationship profitability is confused with relationship pricing.

Betting on Forward Implied Yields
BAI Banking Strategies
April 13, 2012
While forward implied yields may not predict the general direction of future interest rates, they do help a financial institution decide how to ‘bet’ on those future rates.

Webinar on Getting Creative in 2013
March 21, 2013
Josh Guttau, President of Treynor State Bank and I set expectations for community banking as industry earnings have rebounded to near record levels. We go through a credit checklist and talk about specific recommendations to prepare your bank for the intense competition we can reasonably expect.

Commercial Lending Regulatory Checklist
This checklist provides banks with a practical tool to help them prepare their commercial lending areas

Entrepreneurs Needed (Again) in Community Banking
BAI Banking Strategies
February 3, 2012
As the value of regulated local franchises erodes, community bankers need to revive the entrepreneurial approach that characterized their industry before the 1930s. 

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